Insudtrial humidification

Euro Cooling systems' are used in various fields where a humidification intake and the constant control of the same is requested. Issues of productivity, processing, quality and yield, linked to the need to operate at constant relative humidity levels and controlled, can be solved by adopting our solutions.
Insudtrial humidification for greenhouses An efficient humidification system is a key element for paper mills, tanneries, textile, tobacco industries, greenhouses, wood industry, printing, electronic components industries, food industries, of cement, bricks, painting plants and systems central air conditioning. With our solutions there is the possibility of controlling the humidity value for small, medium and large environments up to 99% levels, with a very low use of energy and maintenance.

Insudtrial humidification, cooling sheds With a Euro Cooling humidifier you can manage the ideal humidity value to your needs, to increase the quality of your products, reduce downtime for static charges, reducing airborne dust and improve the working environment.
Our solutions allow to realize a versatile, scalable system without structural modifications, without limitations of size, in a short time and at low costs; other important characteristics are simplicity and efficiency in resource use.
We offer also adiabatic humidification solutions with water misting in either high pressure or ultrasound. These adiabatic humidifiers use, to evaporate the water needed to humidify air.
Their operation is characterized by a low power absorption and a lowering of the air temperature in the environment humidified with its free cooling is appreciated in many applications.