Food humidification

Humidification for fish, meat, fruit, vegetables and cheese

Food humidification vegetables Foodstuffs, especially fruits and vegetables, are composed largely of water. The loss of freshness is mainly caused by a fast dehydration duct because of water evaporation which corresponds with the water contained in the vegetables and the one in the surrounding air. The Euro Cooling humidification systems maintain constant humidity value, countering the dehydration of fruits and vegetables.

Food humidification fish Fish products are also subject to loss of freshness for dehydration because they are created of more than 70% water. Nebulization can control the spread of unpleasant odors in the adjacent rooms. With a gaming engine Euro Cooling humidification restores the moisture level in the air to optimal values, stopping the dehydration process.

Application fields:
  • fruits and vegetables departments in supermarkets
  • fish products departments in supermarkets
  • cold storages
  • maturation and aging cells
  • fruit and vegetable stores
  • refrigerated cabinets
  • warehouses processing fish products
  • fishing boats
  • harvesting and processing vegetables
  • provers
Food humidification vegetables
  • it blocks the dehydration
  • it reduces the weight loss product
  • it maintains freshness and the bright color
  • it lowers the temperature
  • it facilitate the maturation process of some types of fruit
  • it controls the spread of unpleasant odors
  • the increase in sales for the freshest products
  • the reduction of personnel costs for the scrap selection
  • the opportunity to exhibit the entire range up to late evening
  • depreciable investment repaid in low time
  • the low running costs
  • the very low power consumption
  • the upgrading the image of the store for offering freshness

Food humidification meat Applied technologies:
Euro Cooling offers you the ideal solution for your needs by producing high pressure and ultrasound humidification systems with high quality standards, to ensure maximum efficiency, perfect functionality over the time and the minimum in annual operating costs.